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  • Lobster Bake Menu (casual or wedding)
  • Mixed Grill Menu (chicken, steak, & salmon)
  • Steak & Lobster Menu (steak w/lobster claws & tails)
  • Surf-n-Turf Grill ( steak w/grilled shrimp & scallops)
  • * Also available: Hot & Cold Appetizers, New England Chowder Bar,  Bluberry Crisp or Strawberry Shortcake, and Alternate Side Dishes *

Type of Service:

  • - Picnic-style: very casual family style feel - still cooked on site, but with limited other services
  • - Standard Buffet: attentive, yet somewhat casual -  includes on-site cooking, buffet service, busing and things like that
  • - more Formal services - may include things like handling real china, passed appetizers, cake cutting, etc

Price Range:
Our menus and service options range from very casual to  more upscale. Some options cost more and some cost less.

Please tell us if you have a particular food service price range in mind. If so, please don't keep this a secret or make us guess.

Whatever it is, we will customize your preliminary proposal based on the menu and service level you're looking for and do our best to occommodate whatever your prefered budget may be...but it helps if we are aware of those things before sending out a preliminary catering summary.

Example: 3-$5,000 total; 8-$12,000; or whatever it is. Please let us know if you have a price range in mind.

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Coastal Critters Clambakes & Catering * 551 Atlantic Highway  * Northport, Maine 04849 * 207-338-3384